Some Vision for upcoming P.A.H. FluXus Releases

Sorry for the the long silence on this blog. I have been busy working for serveral big TV-Productions, but shared some time doing some new recordings with the output of 3 new songs or preferable sound-scapes. I will upload some audio samples asap. To give some visual idea of what I did, here is some photo-work expressing the PAH.FluXus work. Hope you enjoy…


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First Sounddesign Work with Omnisphere

I have been busy just checking all of those many features of my new soft-synth omnisphere the last couple of days with outcome of doing an new piece of work just playing around with some of the basic sounds that come with omnisphere, editing them to new patches and recording them into Ableton Live software. The result: A shoegazing echoing guitar-line with drowning feedback-loops fading into a heavenly ambience of sound. I remixed this into  18 minutes pur magic spirit…

I will link an mp3 sample here asap.img_0505

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Doing Sounddesign with Omnisphere

Just received Omnisphere sounddesign software from Spectrasonics  last weekend. What a wonderfull piece of gear for creating complex soundscapes and audiodesigns for media-production, filmscores or just wonderfull music from mostly a psycho-acoustic-approach. This is what I allways dreamed to create and produce sa an audio-artist, being  able to improvise and score with sounds that go far beyond the usual sample- and synth-gear. Just think of playing deepest drones morphed with the ambience of a burning piano ( they really put a piano on fire and sampled it for omnisphere!) and than mixed up with tons of other strange but beautyfull sounddesigns all there in one performance-layer with fx gear ready to be played just on one simple midi-keyboard…A milestone in creative audio-production.

for more infos visit:

More on my omnisphere gear soon…


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So here I am…Steffen Rapp blogging…


Hello digital world…this is Steffen Rapp about…who I am…my friends…my family…my dreams…things I really like…things i hate….my music…my work as film editor and sound designer…films and videos I like…techtalk about ableton live…sounddesign with omnisphere…deconstructing and performing sounds as “P.A.H. fluxus…lots of other weird stuff I’m interested in….so here we go….communicate!

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